I'm In Love

With Panera Bread.

I am SO glad that we have one in the same shopping center as Utopia, otherwise, I'd be having problems sticking to my "Skinny Bitch"-ness. They have the most wonderful soups there! Seriously.

And speaking of "seriously" (Grey's Anatomy fans) I haven't seen a single episode yet this season. Is that crazy or what? I have pretty much committed to waiting until it comes out on DVD now and just catching up at the end of the year.

The other thing I'm currently in love with is Nip/Tuck. I went over to Brent and Jennifer's house last night to watch the season premiere of Nip/Tuck from Tuesday and I'm so hooked for this season! Our plan is to record them on Tuesdays and then watch on Wednesdays after I get off work. This should be a good plan as long as nobody spoils it for me before I can watch it. I have really cut back on my tv watching so it shouldn't be too hard. (And there isn't really anyone at Utopia that watches it b/c I asked if people watched it and I have yet to find someone other than Jennifer that is interested in watching it with us. It's okay. Their loss.)
Cheers to good food and good tv!

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