What's your Style Statement?

About a month ago, I purchased a book from Barnes and Noble.com called Style Statement. I want to tell you guys how neat this book is.

If you haven't heard of the book before, I'll tell you a little bit about it. It is a personal workbook. You go through a series of questions -- an interview of sorts -- and think about things you may not have tought about before... in all areas of your life.  Let me quote from the website for help here: "Style Statement is about simplifying our lives. It’s about looking at our true longings and desires, reassessing our direction, and making choices based only on what we need to be our whole selves. Clothing choices, creativity expressions, communities of friends, relationships, inspirations, and ways of living and working that bring out the best in us and push us to higher levels of fulfillment and presence in the world." Maybe you could call it a personal branding? Whatever your terminology... it is there to simplify and give you clarity in everything you do.

So after working in this book off and on for about a month... I realized my Style Statement last night (and it was definitely one of those Oprah "AHA!" moments)...  I am Comfortable Refined. And after learning that, I thought, "Of course I am! That is so me."

I invite you to go over to the Style Statement website and spend a little time there to be inspired and maybe even pick up the book for yourself.  I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with what you find out about little ol' you..


Five on Friday (A day late... sorry!)

Just a new list of favorite items:

This is gonna be my next compact camera. So sweet.

Get a head start on your handmade Christmas ornaments for next year! Very cute.

This will go with my New Years resolution for working out more:  Just Dance for the Wii (which doesn't require the floor mat like DDR does). Anybody tried this yet? I love it!

This DIY shirt was featured on today's Etsy Finds. Pretty and simple. Definitely my style.

These UGG boots.  I love all the different colors and the pattern is so cute!  Never really thought as UGGs as a necessity until I moved to Ohio...

Feel free to share your favorites this week!


One Week.

Earlier today: throwing snowballs at Layla in the backyard.

Last week this time: celebrating the New Year with friends in Pittsburgh.


Resolutions 2010.

A few days ago I posted about my resolutions for this year. I had a good start going but I needed help with #3. This is what I had:

  1. Work out on the Wii Fit three times a week for at least twenty minutes.
  2. Pay down my credit card debt a significant amount (I have a certain dollar amount in mind) and stop using it so much. 
  3. This one is still a work in progress but it will have something to do with photography and/or my Etsy shop. It needs to be specific so I can hold myself accountable.

 So that was a week ago when I wrote that but now I have figured out the last one. I don't know if it should count as #3 and #4 or maybe just two parts to one resolution. Anyway, here is my #3 resolution: to submit a series of photographs to Capture Cincinnati and have at least one published in the book next year.
It's the second part of that sentence that might be a little tough, but I think I can do it. I'm very excited about this. I just found out about this project in the past few weeks and obviously at that point it's too late to submit anything. But don't worry, I'll keep you guys posted and you can help me figure out which pictures to submit when the time is right.

Take care and Happy New Year!


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