I Am A "Power Mailer"...

And I'm not sure how to take this.

Does this mean that I'm as much of a computer nerd as I thought I might be? Hmmm...

Yahoo sent me an email and it pretty much said this:
"Thanks for being a Yahoo! Power Mailer. Since you love using Yahoo! Mail so much, and we just love loyal users, you’re one of the select few to receive our exclusive Power User reward.You can now: Send messages up to 20MB Enjoy priority customer careIt’s just our way of saying thanks. So what are you waiting for?"

That pretty much confirms the fact that right now I have nothing better to do with my time than be on the computer and check my email 24/7. Like I said, it kinda feels like a back-handed compliment. Hmmm.... thoughts?

In other news, I watched Evan Almighty the other night. That was pretty funny and cute. Different from Bruce Almighty but still good. I give it 3 out of 5 stars.

The "Skinny Bitch" thing is coming along! Last week I cut red meat and soda out of my diet and increased my vegetable/fruit intake (which isn't too hard to do with me). And I can seriously already tell a difference. Fo' real! There was this one pair of pants that I bought at the Gap last month or so and they were a little snug when I bought them. And it was one of those buys where you're like, "Yeah. I should just go ahead and get them b/c I'll probably lose weight anyway." But then, like, how often does that REALLY happen ya know? Well, this time it actually did! Small wonders, people. Small wonders.

I'll keep ya updated as the progress continues.

Oh, and has anyone got the new Eagles cd that came out? It's like the first cd they have come out with (all new material) since I was born. Or something like that anyway. ;) Let me know!

Happy Hump Day and Happy Halloween!

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