The "Hair" Family

Tonight we had family portraits.

It was interesting.

I had suggested to Mom that we all wear black. It's easy, it coordinates well with backgrounds and it photographs well. (Plus Gabrielle and I wouldn't have to change out of our work clothes and put thought into another outfit.)

You would think this would be a simple process.

Not so much. I would elaborate on it, but I'm writing a blog, not a novel. ;) ha.

So everyone that we worked with in the studio told us we all had "great" hair. :) You know that made my heart smile. We were the "hair" family. And that's OK by me.

Photos to come in about a week to ten days.

In other news, I just ran out to Walmart around 9:30ish and bought the OneRepublic cd. It is sweet music to my ears. Give it a listen. Happy Tuesday.

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