Feeling Like Fall

With Fall now upon us, what better way to welcome the changing seasons than with these cool weather essentials?!
No. 1 - the perfect coffee mug | No. 2 - an adorable tea towel | No. 3 - creative crock | No. 4 - weekender tote | No. 5 - a scarf for every outfit | No. 6 - tasty tea

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DIY: Making Mozzarella

About a week or two ago, Tim and I thought it would be fun to make our own mozzarella at home. It's really much easier than you think! There was a very simple recipe to follow in this book Home Cheese Making that I would definitely recommend. But I must add, since it was our first attempt "30 Minute Mozzarella" kind of turned into "45 Minute Mozzarella" but I didn't mind because it all worked out in the end. We've made it once more since our trial run (with a few adaptations) and it keeps getting better. It's so gratifying to know we made our own cheese! Another bonus? It's definitely a very fun at-home date night activity. :)


Pics from Pennsylvania

  I can't believe it's already been a month since our trip to PA.  My how time flies.


For The Gardener

For the Gardener

There's just nothing like getting a little bit of dirt under your nails. Use this gardening round-up as a guide for gardening gifts and great tools for your own growing endeavors!

Clockwise: Vintage Silver Garden Marker- $22; Herb Scissors-£13.50; Watering Can Apron- $30; April Showers-  £12; Herb and Flower Dryer- £15.50; Hyacinth Herb Vases- £18.50; Gardener's Soap- $7, Frolic in the Fernwood- $375

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