A little sad today

As I leave my Kauai ohana.

They will definitely be missed but there will be a next time I'm sure.

Am I ready to go back? Not really. But until I can find a way to live out here, I will press on in good ol' NC.

Mahalo nui loa to my "extended" family The Parkers. You guys are the best.



The sand says it all....

So it's Day 3 of vacation on Kauai and I'm just in heaven. The Parkers and I have been having a blast together. Val is ready to pop out Parker Baby #2 (name is still in the works). And if being nine months pregnant weren't stressful enough... let's throw in some house renovations!

There used to be a lanai there -- obviously not anymore. This is the second week of construction in a project to add on a second level to their house. Needless to say, lots of stuff going on. I'll be sure to post more pictures later if possible.
And Grant is SO big! He is a little walking and talking machine and cuter than ever. I think I've taken almost a hundred pictures of him already.
More to come later! ALOHA!


"Get the (creative) juices flowing!"

Lots of inspiration early in the week.
Sunday: Spent an hour and a half at Michael's with Lauren acting like great artists picking out our supplies for fantastic works of art. Created two masterpieces with acrylic paint.

(Please ignore Lauren's ugly linoleum in the picture.) :)
Monday: Went back to Lauren's to create our "piece de resistance". I love mine. If we don't sell it hanging on the walls of Utopia, I'm taking that bad boy home with me. Or maybe giving it to Mom for Mother's Day. Haven't decided.

Tuesday: Got hair blow dried and flat ironed (score!) for a big Aveda event in Chapel Hill. Earth Jam 08 was a fashion/hair show and environmental benefit combined into one. My kinda thing.

Wednesday thru Friday: Sick with yet another sinus infection. Yes, this time I got better drugs (Hello, Mr. Z-pack!) and paid attention to the Dr. about taking allergy medications. (Which somehow I never had to take before I turned 27. Hmmmmmm.... I think this getting old thing kinda sucks!)

Plans for Saturday and Sunday: Massage with Jennifer, "get my hair did" again, do more ear candling so I can not have my eardrums burst on the plane Monday and finally do some packing for my trip!


Vacation couldn't come at a better time.

Oh! And here's hoping that Shannon has her baby before I go on vacation!


Birthday Bling

I've put the Pradas to rest and I got some new shades!

Tim surprised me with a trip to The Sunglass Hut yesterday morning while I was getting ready for work and I picked up a little bit of Dolce.

I'll totally be rockin' these for a while.

Ten days to Hawaii and counting!


green with enV.

So the ol' Razr finally had it. The ringer wasn't working quite right, the keypad was a little worn and frankly it had just seen better days. That thing was two and a half years old. That's like 70 in human years.

Anyway. I was eligible for my "new every 2" with Verizon, so with my discount and Tim's debit card, I found myself a new cell phone as an early birthday present! Woot woot. :)

She's very pretty. Don't have a name for it yet though.

Any thoughts?


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