Another one checked off the "bucket list"

    A little over a week ago, on a beautiful Friday afternoon in Indiana, I was finally convinced (by Tim) to go kayaking for the first time ever. I must say, given the awesome conditions and the gorgeous sunny day, if I didn't like it then, I knew I was never going to like it.  Thankfully, we started out with a really mild river and a not-so-enclosed kayak ("without a skirt" is what I was told?)....  and it made for a really enjoyable experience.  And, as you can see, I even got the opportunity to snap a few photos.  Not saying I will try kayaking in the ocean anytime soon, but it is a lot less intimidating.

   And now, I'm hoping to check off a few more "bucket list" items this summer.


Currently loving...

 ... this berry dessert at the Olive Garden

 ... lazy, sunny days with the dogs.

... one of my favorite magnolia photos now framed and hanging in the bedroom.
It's shaping up to be a great month. 


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