Concert with Coco

I must say that today was one of the BEST days I've had in a very long time. I was kinda going through one of those "blah" phases where I was like "Is anything good gonna happen to me?" And typically I'm not the kind of person that has that kind of attitude but, as of late, things seriously seemed stacked up against me.
It's nice to have a refreshing day when that starts to happen.
That was today.
Jennifer and I thought we were gonna be late arriving to the radio station. When we got there, the receptionist in the lobby told us that Colbie's flight was late getting in so we could just wait for a while inside or walk around downtown Greensboro. We decided to wait inside because it was kinda chilly and Jennifer didn't have much of a jacket on. About 15 minutes later, this guy opens the lobby door (to the rest of the station) and he says, "You, you, you and you come with me." Guess who two of the "you"s were? Yep, you guessed it. We went into one of the empty booths with this dude and he got us to record some random stuff. He would feed us lines to say like, "I love listening to 107.5 kzl on the way to work!" and stuff like that. Jennifer said I had a "good radio voice." I dont know about all that but it was fun. We killed about twenty minutes doing the blurbs.
We went back to the lobby and waited about ten more minutes til they took us back down the hallway and outside to the "courtyard." We all took our seats and then Colbie came out and sang three songs: Realize, Bubbly, and Little Things. The last song is gonna be the new single and she said they just shot the video for it in San Francisco. It should be coming out pretty soon.
They had a question and answer session and then the meet and greet. I asked her if she planned on doing any songs with Jack Johnson soon (because inquiring minds want to know!) and she said "no, nothing planned" but she'd "love to work with him." We'd love that too. :)
We were allowed one autographed thing (a certain Olivia was prepared and brought her cd) and then one picture with Colbie. Complete with a lunch from my new favorite place Panera Bread. Hooty hoo. This girl was in Heaven. Total bliss.
If North Carolina had Aloha Friday, I'm pretty sure this would qualify. :)

1 comment:

michelle raMirez said...

wholly shit.
i am green over here.
and the thought of her and babies daddy singing together.AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH.
my mind could not handle that kind of bliss.
you are so cool.
and lucky.


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