Change is in the air!

After our busy week with visitors and house repairs, we finally got back into our routine. And then I got news last week at work that I was getting transferred. So there goes the whole routine again!(Hence the lack of blogging last week.) It was good news though. I was definitely in need of a change at work. The only downfall is now I'm driving 25 minutes each way instead of 7 minutes. The new place is keeping me on my toes though which is just the change I needed.

It has been a difficult task to balance this new transfer with my "real job" and still keep things going with my "side job" the Etsy shop. It's all fun, just a little tiring! C'est la vie. My goal in the next week is to list a few more items in the shop for Mother's Day. I am hoping to put a few sets of notecards on there as well as a few other new things. Tim and I recently attended the Butterfly Show at Krohn Conservatory and I took so many pictures I don't know what to do with myself!  Here's a sneak peek of one that might appear in the shop soon. What do you think?

 You may also notice some changes to the blog in the next few weeks as I follow along with the Bling Your Blog class and experiment with different layouts, templates, etc. So please excuse the disarray if you visit the blog and it is out of sorts! There are good things on the horizon I promise. :)



Last week was a busy, busy week. We had lots of issues going on with the house. First the kitchen sink, then the septic system, THEN the garage door! Enough already! I can't even tell you about the garage door. I will just have to take a picture and then post it here.

We did do some things other than house repairs though. Tim's parents came to visit on Tuesday and stayed through Saturday. We really had a lot of fun with them and had gorgeous weather during their visit which was great for the impromptu outdoor dinner parties we had.

This week will be fairly busy as well, because of my regular full-time job, but I will try my best to list some new items in the shop. Be on the lookout this Tuesday!


Color coordination at its best!

So this was my birthday present from Tim. And you're probably thinking, "Olivia, why do you need another camera when you have that other one that's so much nicer?"  I can understand why you would think that. Here's why. Last week when we were at the Train concert I thought to myself, "I really wish I had something other than the camera on my phone to take a picture with tonight." Obviously I wouldn't want to take a super-nice camera to an event where people are (possibly) drunk and in close quarters. Not a favorable combination for your's truly and her camera. And capturing moments is very important for me but if I can't see the picture all that great then I'll be bummed. Hence our trip to Best Buy a week later to buy this wonderful little pocket-sized camera in a beautiful plum color. Love it!

 (By the way, that coordinating nail polish is part of the new OPI Hong Kong collection. It's called "Meet Me On the Star Ferry" and it's prettier in person.)

More birthday pictures to come soon!


Our new and improved garden.

Last year about this time I did a blogpost about starting a little veggie garden when we were living in Charlotte. A few weeks later we found out we were moving to Cincinnati. That meant bye, bye garden.

This year we feel pretty confident that we'll be here for a while so we've got the garden started again and it's bigger than before! (And I coerced Tim into adding a few flowers into the mix as well.) 

We just have to make sure we watch the dogs so they don't pick the veggies before we do. ;)

And I love the color of these dahlias and I can't wait to see them bloom and share them with you guys!
Who else has a garden started this year that wants to share their pics?


Train, you rock my world.

On Wednesday, Tim and I went to see Train with some friends at a local venue called The Madison. While the concert was awesome, the venue left a little to be desired quite honestly. Hopefully next time they come to town we'll see them somewhere else.

They still rocked it out though. :)  What a great way to start the month.


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