Hibernation update.

My new cut and color that I got this week!

Working on new items for the shop.

A picture of the finished puzzle (like I promised earlier).

And a few other things up my sleeve. :)


I'm not dead.

I'm just hibernating.
There's just too much snow and winter-stuff to deal with outside!

However, we Tim did finish our 1,000-piece puzzle.
I'll post the final picture later.

Stay warm!


It's all Petsmart's fault.

Yesterday, I left our snow-buried house to get out and do something. I figured making a run to Petsmart for more dog food and to have Niko's nails clipped would be a good thing to do before we got snowed in again. When I dropped him off, the groomers told me they'd call me in about an hour after he was done.

So next door to the Petsmart is an Office Max. I figured I'd kill some time in there and buy the printer ink I needed so I could finish the scrapbook I'm working on. Well, I went in there and spent $70 on black and color ink.

Thirty minutes later, I return the ink, spend only $30 more (because it's on sale!) and buy this printer instead. I love that it's wireless so it works with my laptop and Tim's desktop. (And this ink can be refilled for a much cheaper price!)



Our snowy weekend.

Our 1,000-piece puzzle of a much warmer place, Bora Bora.

Scenes from around the backyard.
(Tim was shoveling the driveway when I took these.)
I hope we have enough firewood to last us the rest of the season!


Hello, February.

I haven't written too much lately just because it's really been too cold to go out and DO anything.

And now, according to Mr. Groundhog, we are supposed to have another six weeks of winter which I am NOT excited about at all. The poor dogs (and Tim and I) are getting cabin fever so bad it's ridiculous. Thankfully it warmed up just a little bit this weekend so we were able to take them to the dog park three days in a row (a record I'm sure!) and expel some energy. I mean, you know it's not good when the high temperature that day is 32 degrees. Ouch.

So yesterday, Tim and I braved the cold to see the new spring flower exhibit at Krohn Conservatory. We thought it might give us some hope for spring right around the corner. But I gotta be honest, the exhibit kinda let me down a little bit. Not nearly as spring-y as I had hoped for. These tulips were definitely the best in show.

Afterward, we grabbed some lunch at the Montgomery Inn.  I had no idea we were in for such a treat. Tim had said before he thought he saw it on Food Network one time as being featured for its awesome barbeque. We felt a little underdressed when we sat down, but I said, "It's a barbeque place, we'll be fine."

Well, let me just tell you. When we left, we both felt about ten pounds heavier. It's a good thing they don't have a buffet there because I'm pretty sure the staff would have wheeled us out of there. That place is SO GOOD. I just don't even have words for it. You just have to eat there and experience it for yourself. My recommendation:  the pulled-pork BBQ sandwich with mac and cheese on the side. But really, no matter what you get, you can't go wrong! Yum.


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