It's Been Forever, I Know.

And I DO have lots to say. 
We have been very busy over here with eating, drinking, being merry and taking pictures in Cincinnati. 

Since the last time I blogged (which does seem like forever ago, but I think it's only been about two weeks), we have tried several new restaurants (and wines), went to the local fair, visited the sculpture park again (picture below), signed up livvielane photography for a craft fair, tested my Polaroid film, and planned a quick trip home to NC. (Whew! Here's to vacation that starts on Monday!) 

More pictures and details to be coming very soon.


New Month, New Stuff

As you can see from the picture, I finally got my vintage Polaroid SX-70 camera. And as soon as I found out I won that bad boy on ebay, I went straight over the The Impossible Project website and ordered some film! Seven days later, both were sitting in my living room. Bliss. I really can't wait to take 'em both on a test drive. 

As for new stuff in the shop, postcard sets and 2011 calendars are for sale!

What's new for you for September? Feel free to comment!


Bananas Foster Cupcake?! Yes, please!

On Thursday, Tim and I decided to head down to Findlay Market to get some
fresh produce and see what's new. We were walking around and stumbled upon this little bakery shop
 called Skirtz and Johnston. It was really bright, fresh and had enticing pastries in the window so I was intrigued. Then we saw that they were serving lunch so we decided to
go in. We are so smart. :)

Their lunch menu is fantastic. I had their Capresi Sandwich (which had fresh heirloom tomatoes - yum!) and Tim had their Pulled Pork Sandwich (on their fresh Sweet Onion roll). Everything was SO delicious. I was honestly already full but I thought, "If their sandwiches are this good, their desserts have GOT to be awesome." Then in the bakery display I saw an interesting little pastry and inquired as to what it was. Well, you guessed it. Lo and behold, it was my Bananas Foster Cupcake pictured above.

And, yes, it tasted as delicious as it looked. 


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