West Coast shout out!

So my favorite West Coast family has started a blog and I'm so excited! Whit and Kathie are keeping us all up-to-date on the happenings of Naomi and Cal at Living La Vita Robinson (so appropriate). It's got pictures and videos to boot. They'll be doing their own preemie parenting blogcast before you know it. ;) Great job you guys! Love it.


check out this video -- it rocks :)


i was trying to figure out how to embed it into the post but it's been a long day and i don't have the patience so here ya go. :)


2 weeks already?

Well it's definitely been a busy start to the new year if I just realized that it's been two (almost three) weeks since the last time I blogged. My apologies!

I know I still have to post pictures from Christmas and New Years. I tried to post the one video from New Year's on Facebook but that didn't work out so well. It was gonna take like 30 min to upload (and no, I wasn't doing a dial-up connection or anything.)

What else? ... Oh! I got a promotion at work and I'm now one of the assistant managers of the salon. Yay for me! I've also been working on a little photography "project" over the past few weeks. I had to buy a freakin' DayTimer just to keep myself straight! (I am not a DayTimer type of person if that tells you anything.)
I'll try and catch up more this weekend.


Holiday Recap

Christmas this year started a little early with my wonderful new camera that Tim got for me. I am usually a very patient person but when it comes to Christmas, I'm kinda like Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory -- "I want it now!" :) (In the sweetest way possible of course.) So Tim gave in and gave me my Christmas present about 10 days early. It has so many functions that I don't know what I'm doing half the time but that's okay because it's more fun for me that way.

One Saturday night after work I drove to Winston for the Utopia Christmas party so I could hang out with my old coworkers and try my hand at some Black Jack. Turns out I'm pretty good and I got second place! And someone might ask, "What does one get for winning second place?" I'm so glad you asked -- how about a $100 Target gift card? It's as if they knew I was going to win it!! And, no, I haven't spent it all quite yet... I've still got about $25 left on there. It takes a lot of will power on my part to not have spent it all in one trip, you know.

Christmas with my family was memorable as usual. Mom got Houston a snowboard (because you know, he needs another opportunity to break his arm in four places), Gab got a sweet new TV and I got a GPS!! (Hallelujah for that. Maybe I can actually venture out into Charlotte now without fear of ending up on Independence Blvd. -- Yeah, I said it. So?) And while we're on the importance of a GPS -- let me just venture off and tell you guys a little story of how it has already paid for it's worth in gold (theoretically).

So I'm driving home back to Charlotte that night and I've got the radio blaring on 106.5 thinking about different things when all of a sudden I hear


And I nearly jumped five feet out of my skin! Holy crap. So I'm looking around and looking around and again I hear "CAUTION!!" and I think "What the heck?! I don't see a policecar. I don't see any construction going on. What is the deal here?"

And then I look at the display again, and it's blinking 55mph.

And I'm going 70.

Yeah. The GPS told me I was speeding -- so you better know that I slowed it down to 55 real quick.

And when I told my mom this story? She definitely felt like she got her money's worth. (After she laughed at me, and then scolded me for speeding. Thanks, Mom.)

So back to my Holiday recap....

The Saturday after Christmas, Tim's friend Scott and his wife Kirstie (and their two dogs) from PA came to visit for the week. We had quite the full house with almost daily visits to the dog park to keep it under control.

New Year's Eve was full of great food and drinks as usual. This year we added Singstar to the mix. The greatest party game ever (in my professional singing opinion). If you don't know what Singstar is, you are so missing out. Investigate it pronto.

I wish I had taken lots of pictures from New Year's Eve but I gotta be honest and say that I had more drinks than I had pictures taken. (Sorry!) Plus, with the new camera and stuff, I didn't want to risk getting any drinks spilled on it. However, I did manage to get one funny video recording Scott and Michael (Kirstie's brother who drove up from ATL for the night) beating their heads with the Singstar microphones to see who could score the most points.

Yep. Hilaaaarious.

And now I'm going to work on my resolutions for 2009. I think one might be to take more pictures. ;) (I'll post the holiday pictures, and hopefully the Singstar video, later this weekend.)


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