Macro Feedback

Thanks so much for all of the great comments and feedback with the new Macro photos! I always love hearing what you guys like and appreciate the responses on each image. I will be working feverishly over the next few days and nights to get those up on Etsy and Society6 for purchase. (Just in time for Mother's Day!)

Thanks again for your support and I wish you all a fabulous week!


More Macro in the works!

Be sure to drop by the Facebook page this week to check out all of the new macro photos from this weekend. Let me know your favorites and I'll be sure to list those first on Etsy!


Overdosing on Lavender (and other birthday happenings)

Earlier this week it was my birthday. So I took the day off from work, as did Tim, and we spent the day together roaming around Cincinnati to see what kind of birthday adventures I could get into.

After sleeping in a little, and running some errands that morning, I was ready for an awesome lunch. I had a few favorite restaurants in mind but because they were all closed for lunch, I had to pick something else (something new!).  I looked at Urban Spoon reviews while Tim was in the shower and decided on Senate. (I just felt like the Lobster BLT was calling my name. And, indeed it was!)

 We split the truffle fries as an appetizer. They were delicious.  Just the right amount of truffle oil. Tim got the "Brussel Simmons" which was the Hot Dog of the Day -- an all-beef hot dog covered in a cheese sauce, cauliflower and what else? Brussel sprouts. Right up Tim's alley.  (Senate is known for their clever monikers by the way.)

And then I got the Lobster BLT.  Why is there no picture of said sandwich?  Because I pretty much devoured it the second the server set it down. I cannot adequately describe to you the deliciousness of this sandwich. You just have to try it yourself.

Oh! I almost forgot! I had a delightful little cocktail with lunch called Kitten Fizz. Kind of a girly drink but very tasty. (Photo courtesy of my Instagram stream. Feel free to follow me:  @livvielane)

After lunch, we drove to my favorite little bakery downtown Skirtz and Johnston (in Findlay Market) for a proper birthday dessert. I couldn't decide so I got two things:  carrot cake bread pudding and red velvet cupcake.  Again, I only have a picture of one because the other is already devoured. Unfortunately, the decorative icing got a little smushed while traveling home but that's okay! 

Well, what other birthday food goes with cake?  Ice cream of course! (Or gelato, if that's nearby.) So we walked over to Dojo Gelato (also in Findlay Market) and perused the selection. I decided on a small cup of Lavender and Honey. Let me just say in times past, I've had other versions of Lavender and Honey gelato and they were lovely. However, the Dojo version of L and H gelato was SO strong. The lavender was very overwhelming. The lavender to honey ratio had to be 20 to 1 or something crazy. But, I reeeeeeeally wanted gelato and I didn't want to waste it, so I kept eating it. I gave Tim a few spoonfuls and he responds, "Oh my God! It's like the lavender is punching me in the mouth!" I don't know how, but we managed to finish the little cup.

About twenty minutes later (maybe not even that long), we had to stop by Home Depot on the way home. Seriously, I could barely keep my eyes open! I was in a daze the entire time. Tim kept asking me if I was going to be okay. I replied with, "I just reeeeeally need a nap!"

Needless to say, I got a good birthday nap as soon as we got back home. About an hour later, I think I had just about fully recovered from my lavender gelato mishap.

 I think next time, maybe I'll go with Sea Salt and Caramel.



Things are happening in the greenhouse...

I didn't even know purple basil existed (or that Tim planted any). I hope it tastes as good as it looks!


In Bloom

Spring has sprung around our house. It was so much fun walking around taking pictures of all the things that are starting to take bloom. I hope the rest of the season is this beautiful.


Make Your Own Sticky Fly Paper

how to make your own fly paper
It's hard to keep a fly-free house during warmer weather. Instead of using harmful chemicals or pricey fly traps, you can make your own fly paper at home with household ingredients and materials. It's easy!
how to make your own fly paper
What you’ll need:
  • A paper grocery sack
  • Small pot
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • String
  • 1/4 cup each of honey, sugar and water
First, cut your paper bag in to 4″ strips and punch a hole in the end of each strip. Cut a piece of string for each paper strip and loop it around the hole.
how to make your own fly paper
Next, combine the honey, sugar and water in a stockpot and place over med high heat and cook until the mixture is well dissolved, then turn off the heat.
how to make your own fly paper
Dip each of your paper strips into the mixture, making sure to coat each of them very well.
how to make your own fly paper
Hang your strips up ‘to dry’ on another string. You’ll want to put something underneath them to catch the sticky drips that are sure to fall, like a piece of newspaper or a baking sheet. Leave them here until they’ve stopped dripping- about 30 minutes.
Now you’re ready to hang your fly strips! These guys are unbelievably sticky, so be careful to hang them out of the way (especially for youngsters or those with long hair!).


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