Vacation has started!

And not a moment too soon, I might add.

We are driving to North Carolina in the morning -- in the EARLY morning -- Tim wants us to try and leave the house by 6am... we'll see if that actually happens.

It should be a fun-filled weekend of friends, family, and a Halloween wedding to boot. And the dogs will get a nice little visit from their "grandma" as Tim's mom comes to dog-sit for us for the few days while we're gone. Good times for all.

Enjoy the rest of your week -- I know I will!! :)

Happy Halloween!


Monday, Monday.

Moment of Zen at Mitchell Memorial Forest

So a couple of weeks ago I thought it would be a really good idea to work part-time at The Limited for the holiday season. I love their clothes and thought it would be an opportunity to save money on buying some fall and winter clothes while making a little bit of money to catch up bills. And while I have gotten some nifty items (like the Infinity scarf) at a great discount, I feel like (well, I have been) burning the candle at both ends trying to work there and at Cincinnati Tan so I think I may quit while I'm ahead. I'm not sure. (I don't know if I really wanna work Black Friday at Kenwood Towne Centre that much.) In any case, this is the reason I've not posted any new Etsy items or blogged in a while so sorry for that.

I am, however, planning on catching up on things these next few days before we take a quick trip down to NC for a little R&R and watch our friends get married on Halloween. That should be great fun! I think it'll be just the mini-vacation that Tim and I need.

Have a great Monday!


Good Eats!

When it starts getting cold outside, there's a lot of baking that goes on in this household. This week we tried two new recipes: one for carrot cake and another for apple spice cake. Both were delicious so I thought I'd pass them along to you guys! The carrot cake is pretty easy but the apple spice cake might take you awhile. Either way you're in for some good stuff!
Happy Friday!



Fall is pretty in Ohio but it sure is COLD!
Tomorrow I'll be posting a recipe for a really tasty apple spice cake. :)


Five on Friday

A special theme of Breast Cancer Awareness this week:

1. One of my favorite lotions. $4 of each sale goes to the Breast Cancer Research foundation.

2. Support this site who donates a percentage of sales to free mammograms.

3. The Pink Ribbon bagel at Panera Bread. So tasty and good for you!

4. Love me some yogurt!

5. The best way to stay informed and celebrating 25 years.


Five on Friday

This week's favorites:

1. This recipe for banana walnut bread (or muffins if you'd like!).

2. This Tom's of Maine's soap. I bought it because I ran out of Aveda and Tim and I both loved it. It doesn't leave your skin with that filmy feeling. Totally awesome and only about $3.

3. Flash Forward. I think it's my new favorite TV series.

4. Spa Ritual's new matte purple nail polish. I die.

5. My mom's birthday was yesterday! I wish I could've been there. I love you, Mom! Hope you like your presents. :)


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