I have opened up Pandora's Box... and I LIKE IT.

So about two weeks ago, one of Tim's friends on Facebook posted something about Pandora. I happen to be at the grocery store when he calls me and says, "Do you know about this website called Pandora?"

I said, "Umm. I think so. Isn't that like not appropriate for me to discuss on my cell phone in the grocery store while I'm shopping?"

He replies, "Well, I don't know what you're talking about ... but I'm talking about music."

(I breathe a sigh of relief.) I say, "Ohh... yeah, just kidding. I knew that." (I really didn't. I won't tell you what I thought he was talking about.)

When I get home he shows me this website Pandora.com and I am fascinated. It's like Genius for iTunes but waaaaay better. I mean, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better. And, it's free! You can listen to 40 hours worth of music per month for free. If you want to listen to more than 40 hours worth, then all you have to pay is ONE DOLLAR for the rest of the month. And then it starts all over again at the beginning of next month.


So up until now, we've just been listening to Tim's free account. This morning I signed up for my own account finally.

I typed in Taylor by Jack Johnson. (Really people, what else were you expecting?)

These are the songs it played after I typed that in:

Lucky- Jason Mraz (love it.)

Crash Into Me- DMB (love it.)

Stick By You- Andrew Lipke (who I didn't know about before, but will grow to love i'm sure)

Music- The Beautiful Girls (really like it.)

Movin' On- Thomas Cunningham (it was ok. maybe not in the mood for it.)

Flake- Jack Johnson (no need to comment here.)

Darlin' Do Not Fear - Brett Dennan (great song! just learned this morning that Michelle Ramirez is a big fan.)

The General- Dispatch (Amanda Sluys introduced me to them. another great song.)

The Ocean- Barefoot Truth (had never heard of them or the song but really like it now.)

Mudfootball- Jack Johnson (one of my faves)

I mean, I could go on and on (ha! no pun intended.) but you guys have to get on with your day.

I love good, free music. TGIF!

PS - Pandora, where have you been all my life?

PPS - Shame on you for those that knew about this and didn't tell me!


A Look at The Barkives.

You know I love dogs.

You know I love photography.

You know I love to take pictures of my dogs.

So what am I trying to say here?

I aspire to be as good as this girl one day. Really. Just go look.

Awesomeness indeed.


Handmade Shout Out!

I left a comment on this girl's blog and ended up winning a giveaway for these cute little cards that look like sock monkeys! Please check out her etsy shop. Cute stuff. Thanks!


Great news!

As of yesterday afternoon, I am now employed! Hallelujah! I'll start working part-time at Cincinnati Tan next Wednesday. And it'll take me less than ten minutes to get to work. Score!

In other news, I am listing new photography items in the Etsy shop in the next few days so keep an eye out!

Here's a little sneaky peek:

And one more note, kinda random, does anybody know if they make covers for papasan cushions? Just curious... leave me a note if you have knowledge on this subject.
Thanks! Have a fantabulous weekend!


Daily Eye Candy

Style Statement is a new blog that I looooooove. Each day brings something new and different -- a quote, a cool product (like a travel hammock!), or some sort of pop culture type thing.

I will have to get the book soon....very soon. Leave me a comment if you've read it!

Happy almost Friday!


Cafe Handmade

I'm doing a virtual craft show booth for the next four weeks. I found out about it on Twitter and I am hooked on this website called Cafe Handmade. Similar to Etsy, it has handmade items and art, but you don't buy the items there, just preview them.

Check it out!

livvielane photography on Cafe Handmade

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Daily Deals

We all know I love Target (as does most of the free world). And last week, I posted about how I was fretting over curtains for our living room. Well, I was very frustrated when I didn't find any curtains that I liked when I went to our local Target and didn't really find any at other stores in the budget that we're working with. So then my friend Shannon says, "Why don't you try Target.com?" (Duh, thanks Shannon. Sometimes I forget the obvious things.)

So I'm on their website and of course, I get easily distracted and find this thing called "Daily Deals" and I got REALLY excited because they had some awesome stuff on there for pretty cheap. Unfortunately they didn't have any curtains on sale that day but I will keep checking back.

Go check it out! There's awesome stuff on there! (For instance, yesterday one of the deals was a pair of Men's Lucky Brand Jeans that are originally $110 and right now they are $59.99 + free shipping! hello!) :) I promise I wouldn't lead you astray. Well, not with Target anyway.


Riverboat cruise!

We had a lot of fun on Wednesday when we went on the sightseeing cruise down the Ohio river. Just a nice little one-hour cruise to hear a little history about Cincinnati and enjoy some time with Tim. Our captain was really funny and a little sarcastic which was great. Tim was enjoying the commentary as I was snapping my camera away at the Ohio and Kentucky scenery. I've already put the pictures on Facebook but here are some of my favorites:

Tim has Monday and Wednesday off next week so we're excited to get a few out-of-town guests Scott and Kirstie (and their two dogs Daphne and Dougan). We haven't seen them since New Year's so I'm sure we'll all have a great time together. :)

Did someone say Hofbrauhaus?


Maybe I should just make my own?

Curtains that is. It's really one of the few things left to do with the house before it's "done." And, you would think this would be a pretty easy task. But I seriously can't seem to find any that I like so far (that are reasonably priced). Tim and I are trying to find curtains and rods for the living room for about $200. I don't think that's too unreasonable.

Immediately I go to Target and I think, "Surely they'll have something I like. Target always has something that I like." I'm going for slightly modern that will go with a chocolate brown leather couch. But, really, they didn't have much. So then I go over to Bed, Bath and Beyond. I spend about 30 minutes in there. They had a few things that I liked but I wasn't crazy about them. After that I went to JCPenney (too traditional) and then to Northgate Mall which has a Dillards, Sears, and Macys. None of stores at the mall even sold curtains at that location. SERIOUSLY? What kind of department store are you if you don't even sell curtains? Ridiculous, I say.

So then I look on the internet this afternoon and I find these (pictured below) at West Elm that I looooooooove. Like, I love them like I love Italian food. For reals. The print is awesome but they are too expensive. It's about $50 per sheer panel plus s/h plus curtain rods plus the other set of panels. And I have two windows to do. I want them to be somewhat durable because of the dogs, ya know? I love this look but I just don't know who would have something similar.

Internet-land, I need some help!! Any suggestions?


Happy August.

Layla says it's time for some weekend fun!
I'll be shopping for curtains, updating Etsy, and hanging out in the backyard with the dogs!
And, if you Twitter,
search for livvielane and add me!


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