Capturing Emotion in Your Photos

Does it seem like everyone but you can get the fun shots that they want?  Ever feel like your kids just pull the cheesiest smiles when the camera comes out? With Easter coming up this weekend, I thought it would be fun to share a few quick tips on how to capture emotion in your photos.  Many times it can be hard to get that natural smile, especially from your own kids.  So I have a couple of quick tips to help you get that emotional magic from the hardest of subjects!

Here are 3 top ways to get emotion from your subjects:

1.  “Snuggle”.  This can be an easy way to coach your subjects whether they are best friends, siblings, or lovers.  Just telling your subjects to “snuggle” can get them closer and more into each other.  

2.  Scream, jump, run.  Having your subjects do any emotion can get them to relax, have fun and in the mean time, you are capturing an emotion.

3.  Don’t pull your camera down.  Once you have your subjects doing something fun like screaming, jumping, or running, leave your camera ready to shoot.   Shooting the fun emotion is great, but capturing the magic moments where they are laughing right after they scream, jump or run can be priceless too! 

Extra Tip:  Some point and shoot cameras have a delayed shutter speed which makes getting the shot even harder.  If you don’t have an SLR with a quick shutter speed, consider trying the camera on your phone.  A lot of camera phones, including the iPhone has a very quick shutter speed, which helps you grab the moment as it is happening!

 Have a great weekend and Happy Easter! :)


I'm Featured On CanvasPop! AGAIN!!! :)

The first sale was such a success they decided to do it one more time!!!

Starting tonight at midnight, my artwork "Unveiled" will be featured on the LTD. by CanvasPop website for a limited amount of time.

The photo will be offered as a gallery-wrapped canvas in two sizes:
  • 16x24 for $99 (a $245 value)
  • 24x36 for $149 (a $445 value)
(I cannot even believe the deal myself.)

 Every LTD. print is numbered, and accompanied by a digitally-signed gallery card by me. Click on the picture above to get to my featured sale. And just as the name indicates, there are only a limited amount being made this week so don't delay!

Also, please be sure to visit the Canvas Pop Facebook page and leave some love in the comments box to show your support! Thanks so much and have a great week! :)


Newsletter Premier!

Who's ready for a little "Livvielane" in their inbox each month? I know I am! I've been working on this for a while. I hope you'll join me!

Each month there will be some photos from a recent shoot, a few photography tips, and other types of inspiration for your month.

Also, at the bottom of each newsletter you'll find the promotion of the month. It could be for portrait sessions, fine art, or both!

So go ahead and sign up! Click here! ;)


February favorites and hello March!

I'm not sure what it is about February but it always seems to fly by and then it's March before you know it! Here are my favorite photos from February and I'm definitely looking forward to capturing some great memories in March.


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