Thank God There's Target for Retail Therapy

Usually I try to start out my blogs with a little something cute or funny to say. Something that might intrigue you and get you into reading more. Today I just don't have the creative spark to do that. I just gotta lay it out on the line.

I'm beginning to see this trend in my family that the 6th of the month is just not a great day for us. My dad passed away on July 6th. My grandma passed away on August 6th. My grandma was buried on October 6th and there are other strange coincidences but I think you get the point. Well, we have one more to add to the list as of today. We had to put our cat Tyler to sleep today. It really was a hard thing for us to decide but we knew in the end it was for the best.

My stepdad Michael and I took him to the vet yesterday and they did multiple tests and exams on Tyler (because he's been sick for a while). We got a call this morning saying that he pretty much had multi-system organ failure. Not really what you want to hear but you kinda halfway expect it when your cat's twelve years old. We talked about our options for a while and decided the best decision was euthanasia. A tough decision, but ultimately the right one I think. I held it together pretty well at the vet's office until Gabby started crying and then it was all over. I knew I couldn't hold it in anymore. There's just no cat out there like Tyler.

So at about 3:20pm today, we lost our beloved cat Tyler. He will always be in our hearts. We love you, Ty.

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Erin said...

I'm so sorry!!! Tyler was the Man, and I know it had to be hard to do. On the other hand, we know he hadn't been "Tyler" for awhile :(


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