Merry Christmas to Niko, Bella & Layla!

Woodland Creature cookie cutters available at Ikea

We hope you enjoy your homemade dog treats! 
Love, Mom & Dad


I've Got My Love (and Ikea) to Keep Me Warm

It is has been SO cold here in Cincinnati the past week. Yesterday, it was 20 degrees outside! Eeeks! So, I have been trying to stay inside as much as possible and keeping busy with cleaning, organizing and decorating. Last week, Tim and I both had Thursday off from work and we went up to Ikea together. I was inspired by all of the simple, effective furniture design and organization that I started getting some ideas for my always-messy arts and crafts room. We really just went to browse around and picked up some odds and ends (like some cute little cookie cutters I will show in the next post) but it got the gears turning as to how I could make the space work better. I went back a few days later to buy an Expedit bookcase and a few organizing bins. It is magic in the making!

I do not have before and after pictures to include right now (well, I kinda forgot to take a "before" photo), but I will show you the results when I'm done.  I'm pretty excited about it.

And let me just say that I got the most fantastic picture frame for this picture ( but in 16x20) to hang in our living (with a mat!) for only $20! Ha. Beat that Michael's. :)  I heart you, Ikea.


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