We Love Autumn

Around here we have been admiring the leaves changing colors, drinking plenty of apple cider, brewing beer (that's Tim's thing obviously), carving pumpkins and taking pictures of course! 

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Hopefully we'll be having plenty more beautiful days like this. I can't get enough of 'em!
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Top 5 Memories from My Trip to NC

5. Biting into Krispy Kreme doughnuts while they were HOT and fresh. It just melts in your mouth!

4.  Getting some Little Richard's Barbeque to-go. Complete with their banana pudding for dessert. 

3. Being pampered with Mom at Utopia with a massage, pedicure and haircut.

2. Watching my brother create a Build-A-Bear for Mom and then afterward there's the mishap of Mom's birthday cake from Dewey's.  :)

1. Spending time with my family and holding my baby niece for the first time. She's so precious.


Before My Trip to NC...

 The week before I left to go on vacation, Tim and I had a Friday off together in which we just decided to try out some new burger places around town (inspired by a recent article in Cincinnati Magazine, 40 Best Burger Joints In Town). We were also armed with some from locals that Terry's Turf Club (which was #4 on the list I believe) was the best in town, and THEN we found out that Guy Fieri had been there earlier in the year and thought it was awesome, we were pretty much sold on going there for lunch.

So we pull up to Terry's Turf Club (after a very interesting/fearful drive across town where we were almost side-swiped on the highway by someone who wasn't paying attention), and we walk up to the door and find out they don't open until 4pm. 4pm!!!! Ugh. Very disappointed. 

I am starving by this point so we find another place on the list nearby that has great burgers and wind up a City View Tavern. And, oh my gosh, what a happy little accident that was!

This is the view from their back porch. 
"City View" indeed. 

And by far the best burgers and drinks I've had in Cincinnati thus far.

More to follow soon....


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