Happy Memorial Day!

For sale to a good home here (without the logo) to remind you to celebrate life every day. ;)


Technical Difficulties

Since running into maintenance issues last week, Blogger has been struggling to restore full functionality to all blogs on its network. If you have run into trouble while trying to access the blog or the comments section (or noticed that your comment got deleted from the most recent post), I apologize but please know that this problem is out of my control. It is frustrating for me as well! I have not been able to log-in or post a picture on some occasions, hence the lack of posts. All I can do is wait for these issues to sort themselves out (hopefully by Monday or Tuesday at the latest) and ask that you bear with me. Thanks.

In other news, our garden has grown by leaps and bounds since the last time I posted. We went from little potted sprouts to into the garden in about three weeks time. Pretty darn good. Now if only these thunderstorms could stay away for a few more weeks so that our poor little tomato plants don't get pummeled by the rain, we'll be in good shape!


And speaking of gardening (and April showers bringing May flowers), I will have lots of new pictures to add to the Etsy shop very soon. If you want a sneak peek, check the Facebook page and leave me some feedback!


Up and Up

Lots of promising things popping up in the greenhouse right now. Fruits, veggies and flowers are sprouting up everywhere.  We are lovin' it.


Dreaming of Butterflies

A couple of photos from the Butterfly Show at Krohn Conservatory this year. There are more here on the Facebook page.  I am hoping to go back at least one or two more times before the exhibit ends next month. (Such a cool thing when they land on you, too.) If you're in the Cincinnati area, it's definitely worth checking out. Just make sure you charge the camera batteries before you go! ;)


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