Out like the trash on Thursday

This is my boss Lauren. You guys have seen pics of her before.... but not like this. You may be thinking to yourself, "Hmmm... that kinda looks like she's in a dumpster." That's because she is. Whatever your day was like, I'm pretty sure that it wasn't as bad as this. :) Thanks for the laugh, Lauren. Love ya!


Listen up Jack Johnson fans!

I bet you can't guess who has a new single out! (I know, I know. I gave it away already.)

If you have iTunes, you can pre-order the new JJ album that's due to be released in February and you'll get the new single "If I Had Eyes" downloaded as soon as you order. How flippin' awesome is that?! Very. Duh.

Happy Tuesday to me!


Busy busy

I didn't realize it was over a week ago the last time I wrote something on here! Holy cow. I guess that's what December will do to ya.

Last night we had our Utopia employee Christmas party. SO MUCH FUN. I will post pics later. Right now I have to finish Christmas shopping (hopefully).

Oh, we did get our family portraits back and they're wonderful. Maybe I can share a few of those later, too!



As most of you guys know, I am close with my co-workers at Utopia. We have a good time together and we are like one big family there. I have a few people that I am close with, but as a whole, we work well together.

Earlier this week -- Tuesday morning -- I received a phone call from Lauren (one of my bosses). She told me that Kathy's mom had passed away and wanted to know if I could come in for a few hours to help reschedule the clients on her book. No problem, I said. Kathy and I are pretty good friends and she is one of those people that is fun to hang out with. I asked what happened to her Mom (she didn't have cancer or anything like that) and I had assumed she was in a wreck or something. It was not. I don't want to type it all on here but feel free to read the article that the Winston-Salem Journal did. I feel so hurt for Kathy. I don't even know what to say to her, but tonight we are closing the salon early and visiting her mom's service at the funeral home to show our support for her.

Please keep Kathy and her family in your thoughts and prayers.



Today is the first day I've felt really good in about five or six days. I got sick last Monday and had the WORST sore throat known to man. (Thank you, Houston, for sharing your lovely cold.) At least I was able to take some Zicam, lots of Vitamin C and rest and get rid of it before it got the best of me.

I feel SO behind on Christmas shopping. I've only bought one present so far (Gabrielle's) and I will be going out later to hopefully cross a few more off my list. I feel like I have no clue what anybody in my family wants this year. Maybe I'll get really lucky with all my guesses....

Random note: Really excited to see if this new Tinman show tonight is gonna be any good. I'm usually not a sci-fi person but this is just intriguing. Thoughts?


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