High School Senior Portraits -- Kristin

Hey y'all! Long time no talk! As I stated in the last blog post, there have been lots of things happening on the Livvielane Photography homefront. New logo, new website and new services being offered. The website is allllllmost there. The logo is done. And the details on the new services will be provided soon!

I can't wait to share all of the new and exciting changes with you guys! Thanks for being so supportive and patient during this growth process. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Happy Monday to all. :) Make it a fabulous week!


Exciting news!

There will soon be a new "home" for Livvielane Photography. I have been working on a new website and logo design over the past few weeks and soon it will all come to fruition. It has been pretty time-consuming (however, I was able to spend a few hours at the lake on Sunday before I went crazy) so I haven't posted here on the blog much unfortunately. As soon a things settle down and I get everything in order, we will have a big internet party! I'll bring the wine. ;)


Zach and Amanda - 8/26/12

I had the pleasure of capturing Zach and Amanda's wedding day on the Purple People Bridge a couple of weekends ago. I have always loved that bridge ever since Tim and I moved up here.  It was a very intimate and unique ceremony on the bridge and the reception at Claddaugh's was packed with lots of fun! Congrats to them!


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