Five On Friday

Here are some things that caught my eye this week!

1. I first saw this video on Alicia Bock's blog and after I watched it I thought, "How cool." I hope this guy succeeds in locating those people.

2. Thought about taking this book to read while on the cruise. A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: What I Learned While Editing My Life  Have any of you guys read this? Thoughts?  On a related note, what do you guys think about e-readers. I am going back and forth between a Kindle and a Nook. Any thoughts on that?

3.  Also debating on whether or not to get the iPhone with Verizon (I've still got a few weeks to decide). If I decide to go with it, I am definitely buying these to put on the back. Gosh, I love Photojojo! :)

4. I am still dreaming about clothes for the cruise. If I could, (as in, had the extra money) I would get this dress from The Limited. So freakin' cute! (Minus the tights, of course.)

5. Thinking about more branding with livvielane photography and would love to get a custom stamp done. All I have been able to find is pre-made designs though. I would really love to find a place that could use my signature! If anyone knows a great place, please let me know! 

Have a fantastic weekend!

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