HP Customer Support, you kill me!

No, seriously.

I've had my new printer a little over a month. I was so super excited about it (as you could probably tell from the blog I posted). Until...

It decided it didn't want to print wirelessly for me. (Which sort of defeats the purpose of buying it when you have a laptop.)  So after trying to figure out the issue myself, I decided to email the HP Customer Support about the problem.

They sent me back a lengthy email with about seven or eight different steps to take to resolve my issue. After working through all these steps on and off for about a week, it did no good. None of them.

Yesterday I finally emailed the Customer Support rep who was helping me with this and said this:


I finally performed all of the steps listed in the email and it still did not work. I even tried to connect the printer to another computer in my house and it still didn't operate correctly. What other options do you have?


To which her response was this:

Hello Olivia,

Thank you for writing back to HP Total Care.

I am Lavina from HP All-in-One E-mail Technical Support Team and this reply is in regard to your concern related HP PhotoSmart Plus All-in-One Printer - B209a.

As from your email I understand that the printer is off line and the computer does not detect the printer.

Olivia, I understand how you feel about this issue. I’m really surprised on the patience that you shown so far. I doubt about my patience level if I were you. I hope to help you fix this issue before it wears out. Thank you for your cooperation.

Ha! Even HP Support is surprised I've hung in there this long. Is that a sign?? 

Please feel free to leave lots of comments with encouragement or technical support. I could use either at this point.

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