Having the Internet Work On My Laptop Again: Priceless.

After three weeks and a dozen emails to and from HP Support, one three-hour phone call, a trip to the Geek Squad and $70 spent on a new router, I am officially back on the internet and back in business.

All because I wanted to buy a wireless printer. Sheesh.

Well, now that it all works together (like it should), I have grand ideas of doing more branding for my business and spreading my wings. First things first, I''m starting with ye old blog. I've been blogging since 2005 but still have little knowledge about design, widgets, icons, etc. so I am very eager to see what I can learn with this class "Bling Out Your Blog." I think it'll be so fun and educational. Totally up my alley.

After this class, maybe some photography classes this summer. I think I'm ready for a new chapter. After troubleshooting my laptop, printer and router for three weeks straight, I should be ready for anything!

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