It's all Petsmart's fault.

Yesterday, I left our snow-buried house to get out and do something. I figured making a run to Petsmart for more dog food and to have Niko's nails clipped would be a good thing to do before we got snowed in again. When I dropped him off, the groomers told me they'd call me in about an hour after he was done.

So next door to the Petsmart is an Office Max. I figured I'd kill some time in there and buy the printer ink I needed so I could finish the scrapbook I'm working on. Well, I went in there and spent $70 on black and color ink.

Thirty minutes later, I return the ink, spend only $30 more (because it's on sale!) and buy this printer instead. I love that it's wireless so it works with my laptop and Tim's desktop. (And this ink can be refilled for a much cheaper price!)


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