A Fun Little Afternoon.

Note: This really happened a few weekends ago but since my internet wasn't working at the time I have just now been able to post this. Don't hate!

Well, I know the "fun" part for me was the photography exhibit at the Cinci Art Museum. I think Tim's "fun" part was the drinks and appetizers at Teller's afterward. And, also, I'm a little disappointed that I didn't get great pictures because evidently, you aren't "allowed" to take pictures of temporary art exhibitions. So I managed to snap these really quick before the girl came back to check on me. I was a sly little devil. :) Anyway, the exhibit was really interesting and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

And if you ever go to Teller's, I would most definitely recommend the Brie Flatbread.  It's excellent. I'm sure we'll be back again for the Tim-approved wide beer selection and  the Olivia-approved great appetizer selection. Yum.

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