Maybe I should just make my own?

Curtains that is. It's really one of the few things left to do with the house before it's "done." And, you would think this would be a pretty easy task. But I seriously can't seem to find any that I like so far (that are reasonably priced). Tim and I are trying to find curtains and rods for the living room for about $200. I don't think that's too unreasonable.

Immediately I go to Target and I think, "Surely they'll have something I like. Target always has something that I like." I'm going for slightly modern that will go with a chocolate brown leather couch. But, really, they didn't have much. So then I go over to Bed, Bath and Beyond. I spend about 30 minutes in there. They had a few things that I liked but I wasn't crazy about them. After that I went to JCPenney (too traditional) and then to Northgate Mall which has a Dillards, Sears, and Macys. None of stores at the mall even sold curtains at that location. SERIOUSLY? What kind of department store are you if you don't even sell curtains? Ridiculous, I say.

So then I look on the internet this afternoon and I find these (pictured below) at West Elm that I looooooooove. Like, I love them like I love Italian food. For reals. The print is awesome but they are too expensive. It's about $50 per sheer panel plus s/h plus curtain rods plus the other set of panels. And I have two windows to do. I want them to be somewhat durable because of the dogs, ya know? I love this look but I just don't know who would have something similar.

Internet-land, I need some help!! Any suggestions?

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