I have opened up Pandora's Box... and I LIKE IT.

So about two weeks ago, one of Tim's friends on Facebook posted something about Pandora. I happen to be at the grocery store when he calls me and says, "Do you know about this website called Pandora?"

I said, "Umm. I think so. Isn't that like not appropriate for me to discuss on my cell phone in the grocery store while I'm shopping?"

He replies, "Well, I don't know what you're talking about ... but I'm talking about music."

(I breathe a sigh of relief.) I say, "Ohh... yeah, just kidding. I knew that." (I really didn't. I won't tell you what I thought he was talking about.)

When I get home he shows me this website Pandora.com and I am fascinated. It's like Genius for iTunes but waaaaay better. I mean, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better. And, it's free! You can listen to 40 hours worth of music per month for free. If you want to listen to more than 40 hours worth, then all you have to pay is ONE DOLLAR for the rest of the month. And then it starts all over again at the beginning of next month.


So up until now, we've just been listening to Tim's free account. This morning I signed up for my own account finally.

I typed in Taylor by Jack Johnson. (Really people, what else were you expecting?)

These are the songs it played after I typed that in:

Lucky- Jason Mraz (love it.)

Crash Into Me- DMB (love it.)

Stick By You- Andrew Lipke (who I didn't know about before, but will grow to love i'm sure)

Music- The Beautiful Girls (really like it.)

Movin' On- Thomas Cunningham (it was ok. maybe not in the mood for it.)

Flake- Jack Johnson (no need to comment here.)

Darlin' Do Not Fear - Brett Dennan (great song! just learned this morning that Michelle Ramirez is a big fan.)

The General- Dispatch (Amanda Sluys introduced me to them. another great song.)

The Ocean- Barefoot Truth (had never heard of them or the song but really like it now.)

Mudfootball- Jack Johnson (one of my faves)

I mean, I could go on and on (ha! no pun intended.) but you guys have to get on with your day.

I love good, free music. TGIF!

PS - Pandora, where have you been all my life?

PPS - Shame on you for those that knew about this and didn't tell me!

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