Daily Deals

We all know I love Target (as does most of the free world). And last week, I posted about how I was fretting over curtains for our living room. Well, I was very frustrated when I didn't find any curtains that I liked when I went to our local Target and didn't really find any at other stores in the budget that we're working with. So then my friend Shannon says, "Why don't you try Target.com?" (Duh, thanks Shannon. Sometimes I forget the obvious things.)

So I'm on their website and of course, I get easily distracted and find this thing called "Daily Deals" and I got REALLY excited because they had some awesome stuff on there for pretty cheap. Unfortunately they didn't have any curtains on sale that day but I will keep checking back.

Go check it out! There's awesome stuff on there! (For instance, yesterday one of the deals was a pair of Men's Lucky Brand Jeans that are originally $110 and right now they are $59.99 + free shipping! hello!) :) I promise I wouldn't lead you astray. Well, not with Target anyway.

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