Newport and an Invisible Fence

This weekend when Tim's parents were in town we decided to go to the Newport Aquarium on Saturday. I totally loved it. There were certain areas where I felt I could have stayed all day and just taken pictures. I can't even remember the last time I went to an aquarium....if ever? I took some fantastic pictures that I plan on uploading soon. Probably will put one or two in the Etsy shop. Give it a few days though.

Anyway, Tim and I ended up getting annual passes to the aquarium, so that's cool. While down in the Newport on the Levee area, we ended up going to Brio for lunch. Also an excellent experience. We will definitely have to explore that area more when we have another weekend (or day) together.

So now, since we have all the dogs together again; we put in an invisible fence. We really weighed all the options and that was the best one of them all, I believe. Especially since we did it ourselves (well, Tim mainly -- I helped a little here and there), we saved a lot of money considering the size of the yard, labor, installation, etc. We got the PetSafe DIY invisible fence. It ended up only costing us about $300 I think. (And about 8 hours of manual labor.) It's only in the backyard so hopefully it'll be enough room for them to run around and get the exercise that they need without us having to worry too much. Layla (of course, it would be her) has already tried and successfully broken through the boundary this afternoon. Hopefully we won't have too many more instances like that. (Darn squirrel in the neighbor's yard.)

Although, I certainly got my exercise.

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