Weekend Update

He came. He did hair. He got rave reviews.

David Glover gave an outstanding class at the salon on Friday. Awesome techniques for doing more avante garde hairstyles for the runway, fashion shows, etc. Great, great experience. I'll have pictures later when my co-worker sends me some.

Tim has been the chef extraodinaire this weekend -- making all kinds of tasty treats! Banana ice cream (which I really didn't think I'd like but it's gooooood), shrimp and sundried tomato risotto (yum!), mashed potato cakes (similar to crab cakes but with mashed potatoes obviously) and then lots of other good things. Hence, a trip to the gym was in order today! It wasn't pretty people. It wasn't pretty.

My favorite quote from this weekend (Tim and I were watching a COPS 20th Anniversary special episode on Saturday night)....

"I don't sell drugs -- I'm a prostitute!"

It doesn't get much better than that.

And now it's time for our Labor Day picnic on Lake Wylie. More yumminess. Oh yeah.

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