And I thought I was crazy about Aveda...

I've been in this mood lately where I've felt the need for some Aveda accessories to wear to work. I was talking to my co-worker Paige about this earlier today (she graduated from the Aveda Institute here in Charlotte) and she says, "Oh! They have all kinds of neat things like that at school!" So we decided to have a look after we got off work today.

It was my first time to the CLT institute but it's a lot bigger than it looks from the outside. The retail area did have all kinds of Aveda-wear though. I ended up buying an Aveda zippered hoodie (black of course) and then a pair of cropped gray lounge pants.

So I continued my search on Ebay when I got home. I was looking for people to be selling their old Earth Months shirts that they possibly didn't want anymore...or something along those lines. And then I ran across this. Those in the Aveda community will understand this.
(This is a copy of my screen from the "My Ebay" section where I was watching the two items.)

That's brand loyalty people. That's brand loyalty.

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