Picture time!

I finally got some pictures put up on Shutterfly. You should be able to view an album from my trip to Kauai last month and the Utopia Golf Tournament. Still working on some other ones but at least you'll have something to look at in the meantime. :)

View pictures at: livvielane.shutterfly.com

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VVV said...

I hope you are sitting down when you read this because your IT-IM-YouTube-Blog-and-every-other-new-fangled-web-based-product-CHALLENGED girlfriend has actually figured out how to post a comment! Love the pics on Shutterfly. I'll definitely be ordering some of those for posterity sake (as I sit here listening to the soothing sounds of hammering and sawing)! Hope your sister is feeling MUCH better. They say kidney stones is akin to labor, so she's got braggin' rights now... Oh yeah, and thanks for making all the rest of us chumps look bad with that Mother's Day card... You are WAY too creative for your own good... So, has the BF caved yet on moving to Kauai??? I'm still working on my evil and diabolical plan to get you back out here... Give us a call when you get back from the beach (as IF you can call the NC beaches REAL beaches when you live on Kauai...). Whatever. Ciao, bella. Valerie


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