Makeovers, Kidney Stones and 500 lbs of Ice

I knew when I got up this morning it just felt like it was gonna be a long day. It's like... my spidey senses were tingling or something.

Today was prom for West Forsyth High School (right down the road from work). I was anticipating having to do makeovers for the better part of the afternoon and then just collapse into bed at about 8:00 tonight.

Not so much.

My sister calls me at work at about 10am very upset and crying. I asked her what's wrong and she says, "I think I need you to drive me to the hospital." Oh. Crap.

That, my friends, was the start of my long day.

I scurried around the salon and spa, calling coworkers and managers to see if anybody was available to do the makeovers on my book and to work the front desk for the rest of the day. Not much help there. Finally about two hours later one of the other front desk girls gets my message and shows up so that I can leave. Thank you, Ginger. I love you. :)

So now, I've got that off my plate. Off I go to pick up my sister from her aparment and then turn around to drive her to Forsyth hospital. When I get there, she looks like her picture should be beside the description of "pitiful" in the dictionary. Seriously. I think I almost developed sympathy pains. No bueno.

We get her checked into the emergency room and it's the "hurry up and wait a minute" game. First they take BP, weight, ask symptoms and all that jazz. We think she might have kidney stones but we're not sure. Extreme pain around the lower back area, nausea, fever.... all kinds of fun stuff we tell them. Another thirty minutes goes by and then they take 3 vials of blood. A little while after that we finally see a doctor who orders a CT scan to see if there are, indeed, some kidney stones. Well, lo and behold, about three or four hours later they finally give us results and, yes, not just one but THREE kidney stones. One's very close to passing through and the other two are taking their sweet time. OUCH. I'd be crying too. (Honestly, it was a little reminiscent of a funny story about my trip to the hospital in Louisiana after a night at the driving range. Except my sister actually had kidney stones. I didn't. A few select people who I think still read this blog might laugh at that part. Feel free to leave a comment, folks. Anyway...I digress.)

So we're on our way to Walmart to fill a prescription for pain medicine to get her through the weekend, when the beloved BF calls.

Tim: "Hey. Whatcha doooooin'?"
Me: "At Walmart. Waiting for Gab's medicine."
T: "Ahh..." (pause) "Have I told you how beautiful you are lately?"
Me: (Slightly suspicious, but grinning) "Ummm... no. Not in a few days."
T: "Well... you are the sexiest thing on the planet."
Me: (Increasingly suspicious) "Well, that's pretty darn sexy."
T: "Yeah." (longer pause) "Would you be willing to do me a favor?"
Me: (Ha. I knew it!) laughing "Sure. What is it?"
T: "Would you go to Costco and pick up some ice?"
Me: "Um. What? Aren't you at work? What do you need ice for?"
T: "We're about to run out....at the restaurant."
Me: (exasperated) "Oh, Lord. Yes, I'll go get ice. But it's gonna be a while."

Fast forward thirty minutes when we pull up to the OG.

T: "Hey. This is Jason. I gave him money for ice. He's gonna go with you."
Me: "OK. whatever."

Pull up to the Costco.


Jason and I look at each other like, "Ohhhhhh Fudddggggggeee." (Like in the movie A Christmas Story, you know.) We decide to drive over to the Quality Mart gas station.

We approach the counter and say, "We need 500 lbs of ice."
Dude: "Whaaaat? Did you say 500?"
Us: "Yes."
Dude looks at me: "Is he f'real?"
Me: (laughing) "Yeah. He's for real."
Dude looks at Gab: "Seriously?"
She nods and he still says: "REALLY??? He needs 500 lbs?"
Jason: "Dude. It's no joke. We NEED it."

Ten minutes later we are rung up, the guy is still shaking his head in disbelief, and we're loading Jason's Ford Explorer with 50 bags of ice. We figured 400 lbs was the best we could do given the circumstances.

Needless to say, I definitely got a free meal at Olive Garden tonight.

And now, with only an hour left in the day, I think that I can go to bed without wondering what more could happen. Hopefully some sweet dreams.

Good night.

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