The 1st Annual (Maybe) Utopia Earth Month Benefit Golf Tournament

Whew.... file that under long blog titles.

Anyway! On Monday, Utopia hosted a benefit golf tournament to raise money and awareness for Earth Month. We had a few employees play but Monica and I decided to ride around and be the "water girls" and hand out refreshments. I'm sure you can only imagine the fun we had riding around in the golf cart the entire afternoon. And, by the way, Oak Valley golf course is beautiful. I highly recommend it.
Chris and Lauren are still calculating the totals but I think we did great for our first golf tournament.

Here are some pictures from that day. Enjoy!
Over 150 participants

Ginger being Ginger

Our beautiful raffle basket and water conservation info

Joleen takes a break from attempting to golf

Lauren, Monica, Ginger and Me

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