O Happy Day

I'm finally starting to feel better! I guess it's bound to happen when you take enough antibiotics to cure a small African nation.

Seriously, people.

These are HORSE PILLS. And there's 56 of them! (Well, a little less now since I started them on Saturday afternoon.) Anyway, I knew you wouldn't believe the size of the pill bottle so that's why I was a nerd and took a picture of it.

Would we like to know how much said antibiotics cost? Let me rephrase: Would you like to hand over your first born child?

Just take a look at the picture. It's the top one that cost $50. And that's WITH health insurance! Do you wanna know how much that one bottle would be without insurance? (Please say yes. I'm dying to tell you.) Well, it would cost about $240. Holy crap. Thank you, Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Anyway, after I started feeling remotely better I sat down long enough at the scrapbooking table to decorate this cover to a mini-album. (It comes blank. Well, brown.) It's a cute little book I received as a going away present from all my friends at PMRF where they decorated a few pages with pictures and memories and then left the rest blank for me to be crafty with. It has a lot of pages so I won't be done for a while but I'm excited for my beautiful cover.

And last, but certainly not least, I start my Intro to Massage class tonight! This might be one instance where I say Hooray for Monday.

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