It finally happened....

I got the stinkin' flu.

Essentially, I feel like I've been run over by a Mack truck. I can't even remember the last time I had the flu. I guess that's what happens when you take a gamble and don't get the flu shot. I'll let you know if I get to feeling any better than death warmed over. My aches and pains are so bad, that it hurt to brush my hair earlier. Jeez. Mucinex helps though. As long as you're willing to go through extensive questioning about your intended use for said Mucinex. (More on that story later.)

In more fun news, I finally got to set up a little area to scrapbook in Tim's apartment. It's humble, but it works.

And soon after I got it all organized, (while jammin' out to the new Michael Jackson 25th Anniversary Thriller cd.... which I love) I was able to finish this page which has been neglected for months.

All in all, not a bad week so far. I'll let you know if I survive the flu.

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