Complete With Curtains.

Ta da!  And now our living room is complete. Love love love this room. It will be so much (more) fun to entertain in here now. We got the curtains at (surprise!) Lowe's for about $28 per panel. I was impressed with their selection honestly. Lots of different designs, fabrics and price ranges. These are energy-saving panels because it gets drafty in that room. At night when we close the curtains, I can actually feel a difference in the temperature in that room. Totally worth the money. Tim remarked the other day that he felt like we were on one of those HGTV room makeover shows. It's funny but true! It's just such a huge difference in the style of the room that I can't believe it's the same room!

And now for the mini-room makeover.

It's amazing how just painting the walls a different can change a room so much and make it more cohesive.

We are hoping to paint one more room before the holidays so that all of our living areas (minus the kitchen) are more alive and up-to-date. Who wants to bet on what the next color will be?? :)   I'll keep ya posted!

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