Food and Festivities

Last Thursday we had Tim's managers over for a nice little holiday dinner. He put so much work (and love) into this little shindig. I don't think they really understood all the preparation that went into it but if they did, they would know they got the most thoughtful boss holiday party ever.

Here are a few food highlights:
  • handmade truffles*
  • caramel-glazed creme puffs (Tim calls them "croquem"-something... can't remember)*
  • prime rib
  • baked mashed potatoes
  • baked dijon asparagus

*Desserts pictured above.

We had all sorts of scrumptious food and drinks. The pomegranate margaritas seemed to be the drink of choice for the evening. Best of all, the house stayed so pretty and clean for a whole 24 hours (except for the kitchen).

Tomorrow I'll be posting about Niko's birthday and the recent snow activities.

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