Thank goodness the house we are buying is brick.

I had the day off today. It was actually pretty productive. I got up around 8:30ish. Had breakfast, did a little cleaning, vacuuming, etc. and then went to get a massage around 11:30. (I've been having some bad knee and hip/lower back issues. But that's a whole nother story.) After that I had my hair blown out and managed to escape the rain on the way home. (Whew.)

I continue Spring Cleaning Part Deux after I return home, when I hear all this loud noise outside. I think to myself, "Self, don't be alarmed. That is probably just thunder since we are supposed to have scattered showers today." (I have to tell myself to not be alarmed since it is just me and Niko right now and our neighborhood is a little sketchy at times.)

I hear this loud thunder three or more times as I'm cleaning. As I gradually move to that side of the house to clean, I realize it's not thunder. Hmm.... maybe the neighbor is working on something next door? I finally go outside to see what the heck is going on.

This is what I see when I look outside.

Guess who's getting a call tomorrow? Hopefully it won't be too windy tonight and it'll stay up there long enough for them to come out and fix it. At least we'll be done renting next month!

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