Road Trip Highlights

Okay y'all. Some of you know this and some of you don't. The big news is that Tim got a promotion to GM (i.e. his own restaurant) and we'll be moving to Ohio soon. (Gasp!) Shocking, I know. Actually, not too shocking. We were thinking he was going to get a promotion soon but we were just thinking it would be closer to the Charlotte area. Boy, were we wrong.

So Tim actually started his new job about two or three weeks ago and I've been living down here until we have a permanent residence up there. In other words, first-time homebuyers! Heyyyyyyyy. Well, not me, him. But I'll still get to fix it up like I bought it. ;)

Anywho, all this house searching and missing Tim led to a road trip this weekend! An 8-hour road trip to be exact. Thankfully I had Niko along with me to keep me company. He doesn't say much and he likes my music so that's always a plus.

Things I learned from my road trip to Ohio (in no particular order):
  • I love my new GPS. A TomTom XL340 somethingorother. I highly recommend it. (It even tells you when to change lanes and when you're speeding like my old one did.) Great success.
  • Driving up I-77 is beautiful once you get out of North Carolina and into Virginia. Seriously, I wish I had an extra pair of hands (and eyes) to take pictures of the scenery as I was driving. Niko was especially fond of the cows as we went through West Virginia.
  • Up North, the lanes to merge onto the highway/freeway are MUCH shorter. You gotta move it or lose it, sister.
  • There is one part in Kentucky where I lost cell phone service for an entire hour. I didn't think that was possible this day and age but obviously Kentucky proved me wrong.
  • When in Cincinnati, (ironically also called the Queen City -- weeeeeeird) if you like German food or beer in general, you must eat at the Hofbrauhaus Restaurant. It is authentic German recipes for the food and beer. I can't imagine what that place must be like during Oktoberfest. Craaaaaazy. Actually, this place is in Kentucky. But close enough. (We took lots of pictures there on Tim's camera. They should be in an album online soon if you're curious.)
  • Cincinnati is a lot like Charlotte in that it has tons of places to eat and shop. For real. Bonus: Cincinnati has the Ohio River nearby so that gives it a higher notch on the coolness scale. Just because I said so. :)
  • These people are big on baseball and bowling. I really hate baseball but I might join a bowling league if it's that serious. I mean, what else are you gonna do for the 3/4 of the year when it's too cold for me?
  • My GPS gave me a different route to go home. Therefore, when I was leaving Cincinnati and entering Kentucky, I was amused to see this:

  • Also in Kentucky (that state is just full of surprises!) I passed an information sign that said "Colonel Sanders Cafe and KFC Museum next left". Really KFC? You have a museum? Why???? If the recipe is a secret then what are you gonna talk about on a museum tour?
  • I just realized that I didn't pass one single cop on my trip. Hmmm....
  • Having lots of snacks nearby in the car is good. Forgetting most of your cds and having to listen to the radio for the majority of the trip is not. However, having your cell phone charger handy is also good because then you can catch up with people you never talk to.

That list ended up being much longer and more random than what I originally thought it was going to be, but I think it's a good list and maybe someone will learn from it.

*And this has nothing to do with my trip but I feel like I have to say it: It's very annoying when you have cooked a frozen pizza and you take so long looking for a pizza cutter after you get your pizza out of the oven, that your pizza gets to be room temperature and you result to using a chef's knife to cut your pizza. What gives, people? Really.

I feel so much better now. :)

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