I think my Yahoo email is trying to tell me something...

Or maybe it's just coincidence. I am not sure.

As you know, we'll be moving into a new house soon. Well, it's a new, old house. We are thinking of replacing a few things -- like the entire kitchen -- since the house was built in the seventies. Lately I have been looking at websites, magazines, and whatever to research paint schemes, kitchen ideas, etc. to get some ideas of what I like.

Well, lately (like, everyday for the past week), everytime I have checked my email, the ad banner on the side has been either West Elm, Pottery Barn, or Target. (And, lots of Aveda, too -- but that's beside the point.) Now Target, I understand that. They're a major retailer -- not too surprised about seeing them with my email. But West Elm and Pottery Barn? Really?? I just don't think they'd advertise on Yahoo email. I'm just sayin'.

So is Yahoo reading my mind or what? Kiiiiinda scary.

In other news, I have been getting crafty lately. :) It excites me greatly. I haven't done this much crafting in a loooong time. I finished a painting this weekend. I'm taking two online art classes right now. One for altered canvases/collages and the other is for scrapbooking mini-albums. Love them both so far. I will show the results of said classes when I'm done. Maybe I'll give you a sneak peek if you're lucky. ;)

I have tomorrow off! Yay! Lots of organizing and cleaning to do. With all this arts and crafts lately, I have to do something about my supplies. Wish me luck.

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