Spring has sprung at our house!

We've got two more containers like this!

(I think it's pretty obvious that our soil needs some TLC.)

A few more weeks and we can plant these guys outside!

So this is the beginning of our garden! It's been a few weeks in the making already and we have high hopes about it (even though Tim put some brussel sprouts in there -- not sure about that part but the others are okay). Mainly vegetables with a few herbs. We've also got a few seed packets of wildflowers to sow once it is a little bit warmer. Very excited about that one obviously. :) Wild flowers = pretty photography ops!

These past couple of weeks have been SO busy at work (hence the lack of blogging). If I'm not working on my photography or the Etsy store (new items just added!), then I'm doing something for Earth Month at work. We have got so much going on for Earth Month! Let me tell you about all of our Earth Month projects/fundraisers (all to benefit clean water causes like the Catawba River):

Walk for Water, Freedom Park - April 22 (Earth Day): a 6k walk to benefit Gulf Restoration Network

Earth Fare gift bag "raffle": over $100 worth of organic groceries, etc to benefit the Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation (CRF) -- I bet you didn't know that the Catawba River is the #1 Most Endangered River in the United States.

Miscellaneous gift basket "raffle": full of ALL SORTS of awesomeness (mainly gift cards to cool places) -- also to benefit the CRF

Aveda tote bags (already on backorder, hello!): $5 each -- made of recycled plastic Aveda bottles! Very chic.

Organic Lavender candles: $10 each -- 100% of proceeds go to benefit global clean water projects

Annnnnnnnd, I think I'm done. For now.

So that's Earth Month! And we're not even into April yet.

I'm so excited.

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