Another Year Older, ... Another Year Wiser?

but it doesn't really feel that way. Maybe because your 28th birthday isn't really associated with anything too spectacular. Although, they say 30 is the new 20. Or maybe it's just Jay-Z that says that. Either way, it can't be too bad right? Another year down and the start of this one has been pretty good I must say.
As you can see the garden is growing right before our very eyes. We have to guess at certain ones though because he didn't label the rows. Did I say that last time? I can't remember. Hmm... maybe this getting older thing is affecting me....
Anyway. I drove to Winston after work to see my family on Friday and had a great time just sitting around catching up with them. Just being there was nice ya know? Nothing extraordinary just simple and special.
So Tim has an interview tomorrow and I may have big news in the next few weeks to share. Don't go too far. It could get really interesting soon.

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