Do NOT go to Target right now if you're not trying to spend any money because they have lots of cute stuff right now. (Especially some hot shoes for Fall!) I'm just sayin' it was hard to restrain myself today.

Anyway, in other news, I have been lovin' the Olympics coverage. Tim and I stay up as late as we can to get the updates on all the gold medals the USA has won. We are kickin' bootie! I gotta say my favorite so far has been the Women's Gymnastics. Those girls are fierce. They have thighs that could put a hurtin' on somebody I swear...

And other shows that I am currently addicted to are What Not To Wear, Project Runway and Rock the Reception. I might need an intervention with the first one. It's getting a little unhealthy. But the third one is totally cute and you should check it out. It's only a half-hour and gets you all inspired to get off the couch and bust a move.

So I know this was a bunch of randomness but I'm kinda all over the place today. Maybe I should go center myself and scrapbook...

Oh, and one more thing, I'm kind of in the mood to change my hair color. (It's been the same thing since May, gasp!) If you guys see anything cool and you're like, "Olivia could totally pull that off" then pleeeeeease send me a link or a picture. :) mahalos!!

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