Fun Times

First things first, I had a GREAT time at the concert on Sunday. Bon Jovi put on such a great show. He performed for almost three hours! That man has more energy than Richard Simmons I think.


Then on Monday I was a hair model for a contest at Utopia. It was pretty cool. You had to create a "look" inspired by wind or water (you know, because they're Aveda/tree-huggers/the most enviromentally-friendly beauty company out there). Andrea wanted me to look like Aquarius (the water bearer) so she did a fingerwave hairstyle complemented by some crazy makeup and she glued some blue and other color sequins on to me so that I looked like I had a few scales going on. It was pretty interesting. I will have to show you guys pictures when I get them back.

I had my final Intro to Massage Therapy class. I will surely miss getting a free massage on Monday nights.

Finally after that I was able to celebrate St. Patty's Day with everyone (they had gotten like a four hour start).

Then I rounded out the night with going to see Shannon and Donovan and finally deliver some much needed baby things that I wasn't able to give them at the baby shower a few weeks back when I was dying from the flu and everything.


And that was just Monday!

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