Armageddon It!

Less than two days left til my Def Leppard concert!! Who's excited? This girl.

OK. So speaking of my favorite 80s band of all time -- and I mean of all time -- I overhear this conversation at work today between my coworkers Monica and someone else about doing "their" hair. (They as in Def Leppard.) Not hearing the first part of the conversation and just assuming that we're talking about "their" stylists, I jokingly chime in with "Yeah, I bet they get paid big bucks to do that awesomely big 80s hair."

Monica looks at me and says, "Do you even know what we're talking about?"

I turned and said, "Yeah. Def Leppard's hair stylists right?"

"No. Well. Yeah. Well.......... guess who gets to cut their hair tomorrow?"

"SHUT UP! Don't tell me someone HERE gets to cut their hair!" (My eyes get REALLY scary big and alert as if I just found a pair of Manolo Blahniks at Goodwill or something.)

"Well they're not coming HERE here. Andrea and Kathy are going to the Greensboro Coliseum tomorrow to cut some of the band members' hair."

Again, I tell her to SHUT UP and quit messin' around. You cannot joke about things like that. She just laughs at me.

So I have to get down to the bottom of this nonsense. Is Monica for real or is she just really pullin' my leg like she has been known to do with me (successfully) on many occasions?

Kathy gets done with her client, the client walks out the door and I am on Kathy like white on rice...... "Are you really doing Def Leppard's hair tomorrow?"

"Maybe. I'm still waiting for the guy to call me back."

"What guy? Who do you know? How did this happen?"

"My ex-bf does PR for the G-boro Coliseum. They said they needed their haircut before the concert and he called me to see if I was free to do it and I said yeah."


At that point I blacked out.

Just kidding. :)

Luckily, I have tomorrow off. So if said opportunity arises, I will definitely make myself available. And I'm conveniently getting my hair done in the morning so I will already be at the salon to tag along at the right moment. I'm very tricky that way. :)

To be continued....

Oh, and I promise I'll blog about my awesome Easter soon. Because it was awesome. And I know I've got to post some of those pics from the hair competition too! I promise I'll be better! But first things first, I'll let you know what happens with the DL scenario.

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