"All Lovin', No Oven"

Yesterday was Tim's birthday. After I got off work, we went out to Pancho Villa's for a little birthday dinner and then to Coldstone for dessert. One of the reasons I love Coldstone is that have such clever names for their ice cream concoctions. Usually I get a "like it" size of "Cookie Doughn't You Want Some" (which of course has cookie dough) but last night I ventured off and tried something new. I got the "All Lovin' No Oven" which has cake batter ice cream (in honor of his birthday), cookie dough, fudge and whipped cream. I had the best sugar high I think I've had in YEARS. Which was of course followed by the worse sugar crash I've had in years.
I almost passed out at 9:30 watching a rerun of Family Guy. Instead I made myself stay up to the respectable hour of 10:30. The extra hour was killer.

This morning we got up and made a VERY important puchase about 30 minutes ago. We bought tickets to see Mr. Jack Johnson at the Walnut Creek Amphitheatre in Raleigh! Oh yeah. Can't wait for August 12.

It's been a very good 24 hours indeed. Happy Birthday, Tim!

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