I've been a little down the past few days.... kinda missing my stuff in storage and things like that. You know, you just miss your stuff after a while. It's kinda like having little pieces of yourself and your life tucked away and you don't know when you're gonna see them again.

So... Tim, being the sweet boyfriend that he is, volunteered to help me get some of my scrapbooking things out of storage (because scrapbooking = happy Olivia) and keep it at his apartment. We thought this would be quite a simple process. Rent a small 10-ft. U-Haul, go out to the storage unit, and bring the stuff back. We thought wrong. We didn't exactly plan the whole renting a truck thing. We thought, "Hey, it's a random Wednesday in Clemmons -- who's gonna be out renting bunches of trucks?" Evidently, everyone and their brother decided to rent a truck yesterday. Not a single one to be found in the Clemmons area, unless I wanted a 26-footer. Um, no thanks. So much for getting the table out of storage and having my own little scrap space.

Still, we got a few boxes that brought much happiness to my day. My scrapbooks, a few clothes, games and dvds, and other little things that I didn't realize I missed so much until I had them again.

Hooray for the little things in life.

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